So, what’s this about then?


Hello world. I’m Claire, a twenty-something project manager living in London with my lovely boyfriend. So far, so ordinary. But something extraordinary is about to happen to me. I am about to pick up my life, and move it 7,000 miles across the world to Singapore. The boy is being transferred there by his company and, as I’m a fool for love, have agreed to go along with him.

This is about the maddest and bravest thing I will have ever done in my entire life, so I wanted to document it somehow. I’m not kidding myself that my grandkids will look back at this blog (if they even exist then) but I’m thinking of it as a way for me to share my experiences (and probably stop myself going insane).

We’ve just got back from our ‘look and see’ visit to Singapore. We spent a week in the city looking around and getting a feel for the place, and trying desperately to imagine ourselves living there. We saw condos, went to Chinatown, saw orangutans at the zoo, declared ourselves ‘common-law spouses’ (i.e. we have been living in sin for ages but aren’t married), met people from the boy’s office, and spent a lot of time lost in underground freezing cold shopping centres. But we must have done something right – we both finished the trip a bit emotional, exhausted but excited about the prospect in front of us.

So, the boy has told his office that we want to make the move. We now have to wait for everything to get signed off properly (contracts etc) and all our paperwork to be sorted. We’re looking at move date of late October/early November … so let the countdown commence! I’m really excited but apprehensive at the same time – this will mean voluntarily making myself unemployed until I can find work in Singapore – but what a fantastic opportunity for both of us. We love travelling and have been all over the world, but I’ve never lived anywhere but good old Blighty, so this is a massive adventure for me.

If you’re an expat living in Singapore I’d love to hear from you. And for everyone else, well, watch this space for more!

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