Friends are for life


This week I have been seeing some of my fantastic friends – I shan’t embarrass them by naming them here, but you know who you are. I’ve been stuffing my face with tasty food, drinking too much, and laughing loads. It’s been great!

It’s so very easy to forget, (when you have your friends on tap, available for wine and chats as needed) how fabulous they are. It’s so easy to sit down with someone you know really well,  spend ages chatting about everything that’s been going on in your lives – from work, family, boyfriends, dreams – and for it to require minimal effort. When you know someone that well, you don’t have to try to be comfortable with them and find things to talk about.

Perhaps I have taken them for granted but all I know is that this week has left me treasuring my friends even more than I ever did, as I know once we make the move, I won’t be able to see them so easily. Catching up will require co-ordinating time zones for Skype, booking flights months ahead, and planning visits with enough precision to rival the military (ok, that might just be me). I find myself thinking about all the little things I will miss. I’ll hear the big news and events but I’ll miss the feeling of being part of a group, and the little day-to-day jokes and confidences that happen all the time. But I’ll also have some fantastic stories to tell them, and for those of them who come and visit we can have some great adventures and laughs together, just somewhere warmer!

I’m also thinking about how to make new friends in my new home. Joining clubs and societies, befriending other expat WAGS, meeting up with some of the bloggers I’ve connected with already. The boy reckons it’ll be a lot like a Fresher’s week – albeit staggered and with a much wider age range, though maybe still quite drunken – everyone asking the same questions – ‘where are you from?’, ‘how long have you been here/how long are you staying?’, ‘what does your boyfriend/fiance/husband do?’, ‘ are you working?’. I will have to put my faith in this slightly awkward and forced socialising and hope that from this, I make some equally lovely friends to keep me company in Singapore (and maybe continue when I come home).

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