Playing the waiting game


After getting myself all excited on our ‘look-see’ visit to Singapore, and subsequently telling everyone about it when we returned, all has now gone eerily quiet again. We are waiting for the boy’s place to come up with a contract for us to sign, and then hopefully we can get things moving. I now just quite want to know what’s going on! I’m very much one of these people where once they make a decision, likes to spring into action immediately!

But I have been spending my time reading other expat blogs about Singapore. I’ll be adding my favourites to my blogroll as I go, and hopefully getting to meet some of the authors behind them when we move out there. Their stories and experiences have kept my enthusiasm up and stopped me slipping back into my comfortable London routine too much.

I’m also super excited as one of my lovely friends is going to Bali in the new year, and has confirmed that she and her boy will be stopping off in Singapore en route, especially to see us – hurrah! I am determined to fill up my diary with people coming/stopping over! The boy and I also made a hitlist of places we want to go whilst we’re in Singapore – its a long list! Top of mine was to go to New Zealand. I hate flying, and the idea of being on a plane for over 24 hours fills me with horror. But flying form Singapore, suddenly New Zealand seems much more achievable without some kind of sedatation! Bring on the hiking on glaciers and exploring all the weird and wonderful LOTR landscapes.

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