And now it is real…


So people, the boy signed his contract on Friday. It is official. We are going. The only thing left to be arranged before we know the exact date is our visas. The boy’s is nice and straightforward as he has a job to go to, and apparently mine is relatively simple as its just linked to his, as we have declared ourselves ‘common law man and wife’. With all being well, its likely that we’ll be there in mid-November, although that timing really depends on how quickly the Singaporean authorities can process our paperwork.

Oh, and I handed in my notice. I have officially quit my job. Absolute madness.

I spent the weekend in a weird sort of state. On the one hand, strangely elated that this moment that we’ve been waiting for ages to happen is now actually here. On the other hand, weirdly terrified that this has become real. I am actually going to LIVE IN SINGAPORE. Holy cow. I think I am continually in denial about the next phase of this moving forward. I can’t now quite comprehend that I am going to have to pack up all my stuff and my life in the UK, and fly it 13 hours across the globe. All that really remains before things start to move very quickly indeed is for us to confirm our last day, and get our flights booked. Wowzers.


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