Let the planning commence!


So we are getting ever closer to pinning down a date (finally). It looks like we’ll be going sometime w/b 14th November. The boy has a few relocation days that he can use – either in the UK or in Singapore so we just need to decide how best to use them. We started making the mammoth list of exactly what we need to do before we leave – it is already very long! Things on it range from the essential (documents we need to take with us), boring (telling HMRC that we’re moving) to the random (making sure I have enough Frizz Ease to survive the Singapore humidity – yes, I have got my priorities right!).

It’s an odd feeling because I feel like I’ve been preparing for this move for months, but suddenly it a month away and I feel totally unprepared! I suppose a lot of it has been emotional preparation – getting my head round the idea and believing that this is ‘a good thing’ – rather than the physical and practical preparation. On the plus side, I am really happy and excited about the move now. I spent a lovely Monday lunchtime in the pub with my lovely colleague Sarah who lived in NYC for 2 years. She had lots of great advice about how to manage moving abroad, and some good tips for staying sane whilst everything is changing (thanks Sarah!). I’ve also been making contact with some of the other Singapore expat bloggers so that we can meet up when I arrive. I’m really excited about meeting up with new people.

I’m going to spend this weekend putting my project management skills to good use, and planning out everything that needs to be done on the practical side, so that I can attack the to-do list next week. I think mostly now I’m just keen to get out there now and make everything that is swirling around my head a reality!

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