A P45 and a few prohibition cocktails


Last week was my final week at work. It feels so strange to have left after almost 5 years.  It’ll be strange to not go back into the office and see all those familiar faces. I’ve been really touched by all the lovely things people have said – there have been a few emails and conversations that have made me a little bit teary … I feel very loved and grateful to have worked with such lovely people.

And they did see me off in style! First we had a lovely Italian meal on Old Street, where GW read me out a poem (rather more like an epic poem – there were several verses) that he’d written to ‘celebrate’ my time working there. It was so funny and sweet – I can’t begin to tell you what it meant to me, but he is a complete star! Suffice to say, I feel very chuffed to have people like that in my life. After we’d eaten, and much to the amusement of the restaurateur, out came some of the fancy dress – we were off for a 20’s themed place afterwards so there were headbands, long strings of beads, and magnificent ostrich feathers to play with!  Once we’d accessorised ourselves appropriately, we headed to Bar Nightjar, which is literally around the corner from the office.

Almost every evening since it opened I’d walk past this mysterious door, set between two cafes, that had a little picture of a bird on it, and lights leading down some steps. I always wanted to explore it, but somehow never got round to (you never do when its on your doorstep I often think). Inside is Bar Nightjar – a gorgeous little slice of old school glamour.  It’s a prohibition style bar, all incredibly glamorous Art Deco décor inside, plus live jazz and absolutely show stopping cocktails. The have a no standing policy, which means you can relax at your table, and the staff take your drinks order from there. We ordered a sharing cocktail to start – a Nightjar ‘Ti’ Punch – which came served in a smoking teapot, with tea cups to drink from, complete with big slices of cucumber and cinnamon sticks.  Amazing stuff! We may have enjoyed a few gin cocktails after that and then had some fun on the dance floor, trying to emulate 1920’s dancing (not very well – its surprisingly energetic!). There was much silliness, laughter and good fun, which seemed like a very fitting way to say goodbye. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it (you all know who you are) x

Some photos:

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