Culture shock


I found this excellent website via Leone’s blog – it tells you all about the different stages of culture shock, and gives some really helpful tips and advice to help you recognise and cope with it. I found it really interesting reading, and wondered how many people recognise those stages looking back now that they’re settled?

I want to keep this link so that I can look back it once I’m actually in Singapore, and remember that probably what I’m feeling is totally normal! Despite never having lived abroad, I recognise that relocating is not without its challenges, and in my opinion, the more realistic you can be about that, the better. That’s not to say I won’t be embracing all the amazing things that Singapore will have to offer, but I do know that it won’t be smooth sailing.

However, I know with the boy by my side, family just a Skpye call away, and whatever new friends I have by then, that I’ll be able to get through anything.

You can read the culture shock guide here:

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  1. I found this site really helpful when I came over too and I’m sure that no matter how you may feel at times after you arrive every other expat has been there and experienced it as well at some point. Looking back at it now I’m certain I did. 🙂

    Good luck though and enjoy the experience!

    • Thanks Laura – its very reassuring to know that I won’t be the first person to go through all that, by any means.

      Our departure date is very soon now – just sitting at home surrounded by stuff, as we prepare for our shippers to come over!

  2. I think we all feel a little ‘unsettled’ at times …… its not all smooth sailing, but keeping positive and talking to others will always help. I also found that settling into the ‘local scene’ helps too … as in not always hanging around the ‘expat bars’ as that tends to destabilize you a bit as everyone starts talking about ‘home’….. nice sometimes, but not all the time!!

    You will be fine … never fear. xx

  3. Claire!! Glad I can still keep up to date with what you are doing 🙂 what on earth do you mean appartments come with no oven? How do people cook with no oven? Did you get my FB message about Holly’s friend who lives out there. I am going to suggest that you are friends and you can go from there.

    Keep your chin up and enjoy every minute and remember to keep updating the blog.

    Cat xxxx

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