An evening in Chinatown


After a long day flat hunting yesterday (during which I managed to fall asleep in our estate agents car…bit embarressing – I blame the jet lag) we decided to go and have an evening out. We came to Chinatown a couple of times, when we were out here in September on our ‘look-see’ visit and both really liked the area for its vibrancy, and the fact that you feel like you’re in Asia when you are out there. Sometimes Singapore can feel so modern and cosmopolitan (which is great) that you forget that you are actually in Asia, so its nice to get a little flavour of it.

We took the MRT down from Dhoby Ghaut to Chinatown. I really do love the MRT – it’s so quick, convenient, clean and air-conditioned! I am still finding my feet with the MRT etiquette – remembering what side of the escalator to stand on, and realising that people don’t really wait for you to get off before they get on – all quite different from taking the London Underground. However, I’ll no doubt be taking it so often that it’ll soon become second nature.

We left the MRT at Pagoda Street, which seems to be the busiest street in Chinatown. There are tons of shops, market stalls and red lanterns everywhere.

We stopped and got some food at a place we’d eaten at when we first came, which is on the corner of Pagoda Street and Trengganu Street. It’s a big open place, situated right on the corner. The first time we went for snacks and the cheap beer, but this time we came for the food. We had an massive helping of some gorgeous stir fried peppery beef – the portion was absolutely enormous, so we were really glad we only ordered one main between us. We also had plenty of satay which was delicious.

After our meal, we decided to treat ourselves to a foot massage. We’d spent a little bit of time before we came out trying to find some massage places on the internet. When we came back in September we thought we’d see the massage places you see in Thailand, where they have chairs out on the street, and every kind of massage going, but we didn’t see any in Singapore. You can imagine the type of thing that comes up if you type ‘cheap massage Chinatown’ into Google! Eventually we found a place that fitted the bill (and didn’t come with any ‘extras’!). We went to Bath Culture Foot Therapy, which is on Temple Street. We each had an Oriental Foot Massage which lasted 40 minutes, and had both of us in a deep state of relaxation by the end of it. You get a complimentary tea as well, and they pop a heated pack under your neck and shoulders which, when combined with the foot massage, leaves you completely blissed out. I’d definitely recommend it if you like foot massages!

We had another day of flat hunting today, and should have news to share tomorrow if all goes well 🙂

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  1. Lets know how the house hunting is going and where???

    For us we had to make sure we had a priority list running ie: balcony, oven, etc as so many apartments just do not have the basics. 😦

    Or what we call the ‘basics’.

    enjoy …

    • I will definitely keep you posted. Our priority list was small – we mostly wanted to be close by a MRT station. But having said that, we also wanted an oven and a balcony. Luckily all of the apartments we saw (bar one) had an oven in the kitchen, which I understand is pretty rare. I think we were looking at fairly new condos so perhaps they have realised more people want ovens now!

  2. Ohhh that sounds heavenly! A thai foot massage is def on my list of things to do when visiting Claire and Will 😉 with your guidance I can avoid being offered the extras. Your photo is lovely. Missing you millions. xxxx

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