Flying the Singapore Flyer


When we left London some of our lovely friends clubbed together and bought us a dinner trip on the Singapore Flyer. They bought us the full butler sky dining experience where you have a 4 course dinner in the comfort of one of the capsules, as you admire the views across the bay and the island. It was a truly amazing present, and a fantastic experience to celebrate our first weekend in Singapore.

We took the circle line down to Promenade MRT and from there its just a short walk to the Flyer. It was a little bit confusing when we first arrived, as we didn’t know where we had to go, but we soon found ourselves being ushered in the Flyer Lounge where we were told that we would be leaving in 7 minutes time! We quickly ordered a couple of cold Tiger beers to take with us, and soon we were walking through some dark curtains, ready to board! The capsule was decked out with Christmas decorations, and had four tables laid out ready for dinner. Luckily, it was just us and another couple, so we were able to enjoy a bit of romance!

The Flyer takes you up to a height of 165m, which is 30m taller than the London Eye. The views are just spectacular when you are riding the Flyer. You can see for miles over Marina Bay and also back over the island. As we’ve not even been here a week we weren’t always sure what some of the landmarks were, but managed to orientate ourselves pretty well.

It was just amazing to be sitting that high up over Singapore, tucking into some delicious dinner at the same time. And because you have 4 courses to get through, you actually get to take two trips around, so that you can fit everything in! We ate a delicious salad, some mushroom soup, a tasty steak, and then a yummy chocolate dessert with a mini macaroon.

It was such a special experience and a brilliant way to celebrate our first weekend in Singapore. After we finished our  flight we walked all the way around the bay, exploring all the way from the Flyer, along the Helix bridge, past Marina Bay Sands, along the bay to the Fullerton Hotel, before finally jumping back on the MRT at Raffles Place. We saw loads of fantastic sights, places we want to go back to eat and drink, as well as some of the elephants that were there as part of the Elephant Parade. I particularly enjoyed the Christmas decorations that they had around the bay – it really helped me to get into the festive spirit.

It was a wonderful weekend, and made me feel really excited and privileged to be living in Singapore. I’d definitely recommend the Singapore Flyer – the views are spectacular and it was such a special experience.

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