Brunch at Food for Thought


This morning I woke up with a craving for pancakes. Sometimes, once you get an idea for food in your head, you have to satisfy it, or nothing else will taste quite as good, no matter how delicious.

A few minutes on Google later and I discovered LadyIronChef and a post on where to get the best pancakes in Singapore (the rest of this site is awesome as well). A quick read later and I decided we should go to Food for Thought, as it’s round the corner from our temporary apartment, and the menu made me drool!

Food for Thought is on Queen Street, just around the corner from the Singapore Art Museum. It’s set back off the street slightly, and you can either indulge in air-con comfort inside, or opt to do what we did, and sit outside in the sunshine with a gentle waft of a fan to keep you cool. The seating area feels shady and cool and is surrounded by plants. Very relaxing and you can watch the world go by.

So, the pancakes. You get two and pick a topping to go with them – I ordered them with walnut and banana. They came out enormous – drizzled with maple syrup and a big scoop of cream. As I tucked in, I also came across the odd little chocolate chunk as well. Absolute heaven, with the soft pancake, crunchy walnuts and smooth banana.

Will got the Full House – complete with bacon, scrambled egg, garlicky mushrooms, little fondant type potatoes, and brioche toast. There was also a nice bit of salad to freshen things up. He declined the dubious sounding chicken sausage in favour of extra bacon, and was thoroughly happy about it. Seems tough to find good pork sausages here so if anyone has any tips, let us know!We had giant milkshakes to go with our food. Mine was a giant mixed berry one; Will’s was a malt Malteaser, with actual Malteasers crumbled up over the top (cue a very happy face!). Big hits with both of us, but we were pretty full after we’d consumed everything! They had a good selection of tea and coffee as well, although we didn’t try any this time.Food for Thought also does tasty looking mains – we saw a couple of people tucking into pasta and risotto. Portions are big, so go hungry! They also have a social good message (they do lots of charitable stuff), so you can stuff your face but still feel virtuous at the end of it!

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  1. looks great, with regards to the sausages I agree decent ones are definitely a challenge here. We have found a range by Cold Storage which aren’t bad, they do several varieties including Cumberland, Italian spicy, Old English style, British banger etc. etc. – definitely worth a look.

    • Cool, thanks for the tip. Will have a closer look in Cold Storage. We also spotted some in Huber’s Butchery when we were up at Dempsey Rd, but quite a long way to go just to be able to make sausage and mash!

  2. Hello!

    Welcome to Singapore! 🙂 I’m a true blue Singapore but it’s nice knowing how close-knit the expat community is in Singapore… In fact, im a reader of some of the expats’ blogs and it’s always lovely to read about the process of moving to another country and seeing Singapore from a different light, 🙂

    • Hi – thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad you enjoy reading the expat blogs – I found them so helpful before I moved out here, and they (and their authors in person) continue to be a huge support resource.

      Having said that, I also like to get the view of Singapore from a local’s point of view as well. Balance is definitely a good thing 🙂

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