One month in…


We have now been here 4 weeks – I have officially been in Singapore a whole month. It feels strange writing that – in so many ways the time has absolutely flown by, and I can’t believe it has been a month already. In other ways, London feels like a long time ago (it did 2 weeks in) – partly because I find all my friends and family talking about Christmas, and it being cold, and as I’m here I just can’t relate to that! It’s not cold, and despite the masses of decorations on Orchard Road, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas (it’s the heat!).

I feel like we have achieved a lot in a short space of time. We have found our fantastic apartment, which we both love coming back to. It already feels like home, and I can’t wait for our shipment to arrive, so we can have the rest of our things (including all my kitchen equipment – hooray!). Despite the gorgeous furniture we’ve bought, it’s still quite empty and very white – I can’t wait to start putting up pictures and filling it with our things. Here are some photos:

I have already met some fantastic people – bloggers and random contacts alike – and had some brilliant afternoons and evenings getting to know them all. I’ve also had some great experiences, like going with Laura to a cooking masterclass with Singaporean celebrity chef K F Seetoh (I will blog about this soon!). We’ve also booked our Christmas trip to Bali, where we will have silly fun opening stockings and eating suckling pig, in place of the traditional Christmas turkey!

I still get odd pangs of homesickness, often at the oddest moments, like walking down the road by our apartment and thinking ‘no-one at home knows what my neighbourhood looks like’, or at more understandable times, like getting off a Skype call with my Mum or a close friend and missing them. I am trying to come to term with the homesickness – I suspect that it is part and parcel of being an ‘expat’. I suspect that it never quite goes, and there will always be things that you miss about your ‘homeland’. But then I also think that when you return, there will be places and people who you will miss from wherever you just left.

Singapore feels, at the moment at least, very familiar and very alien all at the same time. There are things that feel very natural and I feel like I am finding my way around now, and starting to recognise places. There are other times when it feels totally new, like working out what some of the vegetables and the products in the supermarket are, or hearing people talking in Singlish and not knowing what they’re saying. But this is month one, on a much longer journey here, and I know that one day all these strange, new experiences will start to feel more familiar and I am excited about that prospect!

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  1. Yah, glad you are settling in! I am used to hot Christmas’ but it really does not feel like Christmas at all here, can’t believe it is in less than two weeks.

    I agree with the homesickness, it still hasn’t completely gone away, but its just the little things!

    Hopefully catch up before you go to Bali! xoxo

  2. Your apartment looks beautiful.

    I think it must be hard to uproot and be away from family. I would have terrible home sickness too.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas in Bali and I look forward to reading about it 🙂

    • Aw, thanks! We are getting there with making it how we want it. But we have a shipment coming from the UK, arriving just after Christmas, which has all our junk in it, so it’ll look a bit more full in the New Year!

      It is hard being away from friends and family, and I miss them very much, but then I also think I am having such an amazing experience being here. Everyone has been amazingly supportive, so I just have to hope they welcome me home, whenever we decide to go back.

      Will definitely do a Bali blog on my return 🙂

  3. Don’t worry about the Singlish. It’s not too hard to get the hang of, and you’ll find that there are PLENTY of people out there who are more than happy to teach you phrases!

  4. Kelli was noting that after a while it’s just “same shit, different country”…for me that’s really when the homesickness kicked in. When things were no longer super shiny or new enough to be distracting.

    After almost 2 years, I go weeks without feeling homesick, and then the siliest thing will make me sad. Even though rebooking our flight for the 31rst ended up being a huge blessing in disguise (hurray for an upgrade to business!), I’m really still quite sad knowing that I was “supposed” to be home right now. I can see that and feel like it’s childish, but I know that it’s really about homesickness.

    Also-I get homesick when I stumble across something unexpected in the grocery store that reminds me of home. Strangest thing!

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