6 months in


Today is our six-month anniversary of arriving in Singapore. I cannot believe we have been here 6 months already! This is officially the longest either of us has ever been away from the UK so it feels fairly momentous.

I wanted this post to be a bit reflective, so I’ve been reading back on my old posts and I’ve realised what a journey I’ve travelled on. Before we left I was super anxious – I was nervous about what living in this new country would mean, and how it would impact my old life. I worried about everything – all the tiny details like where would we buy furniture or who would supply our mobile phones. I also worried about the big stuff like how I would cope with not working, the homesickness and how moving here might affect my relationship with Will. Man, I really worried a lot!

I think the one big thing I’ve learnt about living here for 6 months is that it is a real rollercoaster of an experience. You have days where everything is wonderful – the sun shines, it isn’t as humid, you go out exploring and see some wonderful thing, talk to some amazing people and eat delicious food. But you also have days where things are tough – everything reminds you of what you left behind, whether its people or cultural differences. Everything can feel like you are battling against the tide even to do the simplest of tasks. Those difficult days are now less frequent, and the happy days are more and more common. I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful people who have become my new social and support network. And I have my old friends who continue to send me long newsy emails to keep me up to date.

Life is richer I think. I experience something new almost every day, and that is something I will always be truly grateful for. I have had my eyes opened by the people I’ve met, the places I’ve visited, and the things I’ve seen. I have learnt huge amounts about myself, and realised that I am perhaps stronger than I sometimes give myself credit for. I have realised that its ok to miss people – it just means you know some great people who are worth missing!

I think most importantly, I don’t regret coming here. I am hugely fortunate to be able to be here, and see the world. I am also super excited about the next 6 months. Thanks to everyone who got me there, but the biggest thanks has to go to Will. I couldn’t have done any of this without him.

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