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Now Playing: Riptide


Yes … it’s been rather a long time I know. So much has happened since my last post …. I volunteered, started a new (paid) job and got married! So you’ll have to excuse my online silence – it just became one more thing to remember to do and, trust me on this, planning a wedding fills your head with a million things so it got lost in the madness somewhat. But being married is fabulous so far! I’d recommend it to anyone, hehe!

So, anyway, not masses of time to write something proper right now, so you’ll have to make do with my current song crush. I came across this song from Aussie singer-songwriter Vance Joy whilst playing a Glastonbury 2014 playlist on Spotify and fell in love instantly. Til next time…


Now Playing: Emmylou


I’ve recently got into First Aid Kit in a big way. This Swedish sister duo have this gorgeous folksy sound that I just can’t get enough of at the moment. They remind me a little bit of Fleet Foxes.

Anyway, I’ve basically had their album The Lion’s Roar on non-stop repeat when I’ve been at work. My favourite track at the moment is Emmylou, which references great American country singers Johnny Cash, June Carter, Graham Parsons, and Emmylou Harris. I love the gentle country and western twang that is in the background of this track. Enjoy!

Now Playing: Paper Forest (In the Afterglow of Rapture)


Sorry for the quiet couple of weeks folks. I’ve been pretty hectic with my NEW JOB! (More on that soon I promise!). Today I’ve been exploring some new music on Spotify and came across this gorgeous track by Emmy The Great, who friends of mine adore and talk about but who I’d never really listened to. Anyway, enjoy and happy weekends all!

Now Playing: Zorbing


Will recently signed up for Spotify unlimited so we can have new music at our fingertips all the time. It’s been a pretty noisy couple of weeks in our house as a result! One of the more chilled out songs that we both really like has been this track by Stornoway. They are a great little band from Oxford, and I like their chilled but upbeat sound. I particularly like the trumpet on this track.

For those of you who don’t know, ‘zorbing’ involves rolling down a hill in a bit inflatable sphere (see here for more) – sounds like fun!

Now Playing: Moves Like Jagger


A definite guilty pleasure but there is no denying this reminds me so much of partying in Singapore. There were a couple of months where I’d hear it wherever I went, and maybe several times in one evening! Great song to get the party going, and lots of fun memories associated with this track. Go on, dance … you know you want to!

Now Playing: People Help the People


The lovely Claire over at fellowfellow got me hooked on this track when she posted it way back in December.

I still can’t stop listening to it, and it defines those early months in Singapore when the lyrics about homesickness really spoke to me. This version is by Birdy and I think she just has the most beautiful voice. She has her own album out now, which I need to download, but the sneaky listens I’ve had on You Tube make me think she’ll continue to be a firm favourite.

Now Playing: Somebody That I Used to Know (new feature alert!)


I know I owe you all a proper post but I decided today to start a new feature – Now Playing.

I really like my music, and there are certain events or periods of my life which are inextricably linked to certain songs, which as soon as I hear am transported back to that time. For example, dancing with the girls at university will be forever linked to ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast. As soon as I hear it, I’m in Ocean in Nottingham, with its sticky floors but wonderful friends!

Coming to Singapore has been a pretty momentous thing for me, so I wanted to find a way of recording some of the music that I’ve been listening to a lot here. First up is Goyte’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ … or rather the Walk off the Earth cover version, which incidentally is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in some time (thanks to Nav for his endless YouTube discoveries that led to this). Enjoy.