Some of the more observant of you may have noticed that sometimes I refer to my ‘bucket list’. This was put together for me by my wonderful friend Kiri before I left the UK, and is a list of stuff I have to do whilst in Singapore.

The deal is that I have to get a photo of the thing on the list, preferably with my face in there somewhere! This is not a comprehensive list of things to do in Singapore, and she’s actually deliberately left off some of the more touristy stuff.

Where I’ve done things and remembered to take a photo, I’ll put a link to the appropriate blog post.

Here’s the list:

Walking Tours

1. Little India – been here tons but not done the walking tour yet

2. Malay culture (aka Kampong Glam) – usually come here in the evening as it’s great for eating and drinking 🙂

3. Peranakan Trail

4. Chinatown – been here tons but not done the walking tour yet

5. Bukit Timah

6. Fort Canning – we came on our look-see but need to go back

7. Civic District – been here tons but not done the walking tour yet


8. River Cruise – DONE

9. Merlion – DONE

10. National Museum of Singapore – been but no photos… will go back!

11. St Andrew’s Cathedral

12. Singapore City Hall

13. Botanic Gardens – DONE

14. Artwork at the Ritz Carlton

15. Singapore Flyer – DONE

16. The White Rabbit, Dempsey – DONE, we went for our 1 year anniversary dinner. Will blog it soon!

17. Pulau Ubin – DONE

18. Go to a songbird competition

17. Learn how to play mah jong

18. Take a Malay or Peranakan cooking class

19. Learn how to Lion Dance – I’ve SEEN a Lion Dance … does that count? It was in Vietnam

20. Watch a Singapore-league football game

21. Learn how to Dragon boat

22. Visit the Tiger Beer brewery

23. Watch a Chinese Tea Ceremony

24. Sentosa – DONE – we went to Universal Studios on my birthday!

Rooms with a view

25. Mount Faber

26. Carlsberg Sky Tower

27. HSBC Tree Top walk @ MacRitchie – DONE – we did this when Will’s sister came to visit

28. New Asia Bar – went here when my friend Liz came to visit

29. The Straits Bar

30. Axis Bar

Singapore Festivals

31. Thaipusam – DONE

32. Chinese New Year – DONE

33. Mosaic Music festival

34. Singapore International Film festival

35. Dragon Boat Races

36. Vesak Day

37. Singapore Arts festival

38. Beerfest Asia – DONE

39. Singapore Street festival

40. Singapore Food festival

41. National Day Parade

42. Hungry Ghosts festival

43. Singapore Grand Prix – DONE, we went with Tommy.

44. Nivarathri

45. Deepavali

46. Christmas & New Year – We spent Christmas in Bali and New Year in Singapore 

Food Challenges

(I’ve actually tried a lot of this but neglected to take photos … I will go on special missions!)

47. Carrot cake

48. Kaya

49. Laksa

50. Nasi Lemak – eaten this loads, all over Indonesia as well

51. Roti Prata – DONE – tried this as part of my Eat for a Cause lunch – will try and get photos next time

52. Teh Tarik – DONE – tried this as part of my Eat for a Cause lunch – ditto!

53. Bak Kwa

54. Char Kway Teow – eaten this loads but its usually gone by the time I remember I need to take a photo…

55. Bak Kut Teh – DONE – tried this as part of my Eat for a Cause lunch

56. Satay – DONE – have photos and everything, just need to blog…

57. Rojak Salad – DONE – I learnt to make my own 🙂

58. Chilli Crab – DONE

59. Chicken Rice – tried this, just need to blog about it!

60. Fish Head Curry

61. Serangoon Gardens Food Centre

62. Maxwell Road hawker centre – been here, just need to write about it!

What things have you all done? Is there anything missing that you’d like to try? I’m also always keen to have companions as I tick things off 🙂


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  1. Now I’ve seen the bucket list there are some pretty cool things to be done! How great that your friend did this for you 🙂 Look forward to hearing about when you’ve done them and maybe tagging along for a few too!

  2. This is an amazing list. I moved to Singapore from the UK with my husband in early April. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months and have found it so useful in preparing to go, settling in and discovering all of the exciting things to do and get involved in out here! I’m really pleased to see that I have already ticked off a few things on this list 🙂 This blog is such a great way to record and share your experiences out here, has really inspired me to think about setting one up myself. I will certainly be trying to tick off a few more items on the list!

  3. I must keep this list handy for guests (and for myself too). Been here over a year and sadly I can’t tick off most things… gives me a challenge though! Thanks 🙂

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